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Bloom’s mission is to increase awareness on the most common complication of childbirth – Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD), by educating the public, connecting those suffering with resources and support, and empowering survivors of this illness to become advocates for new moms starting their journey.
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Every donation helps the Bloom Foundation provide critical support to mothers struggling with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Your gift ensures no woman has to face the challenges of maternal mental health issues alone.

The Need

The Prevalence

It is estimated that 1 in 7 mothers experience postpartum depression alone, yet many more cases of PMADs go undiagnosed and untreated due to stigma and lack of resources.

The Impact

Without proper treatment, PMADs can have a long-term impact on both the mother and her child, affecting bonding, child development, and the overall health of the family.

Support Gap

Despite the high prevalence, less than 20% of mothers with symptoms of PMADs receive professional treatment. This gap highlights a critical need for accessible, effective support and intervention.

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What We Do

The Bloom Foundation is dedicated to ensuring nomother has to face perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) alone. We take a comprehensive approach to maternal mental health, providing resources and support for mothers, families, and healthcare providers. Our educational initiatives help medical professionals better identify and address PMADs, while our peer-led support groups allow mothers to find understanding and advice from others who have experienced these challenges firsthand. We advocate for improved services and awareness around issues like postpartum depression. Perhaps most importantly, Bloom empowers survivors to use their lived experience to help others, training them to facilitate local support groups in their own communities. From educational workshops to grassroots support networks, we nurture a holistic ecosystem of care so all mothers can flourish during the transition to parenthood.

Our Mission

We work to create a world where every mother has access to a new standard of care for maternal mental health and wellness.

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Every mother deserves support on their journey through parenthood, but too many still struggle alone with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. By becoming a sponsor of the Bloom Foundation, you can directly impact the lives of women and families in your community. Your generous contribution will allow us to provide vital resources, educational programs, and peer-led support groups that let mothers know they are not alone. From training PMAD survivors to lead local support groups, to increasing awareness among healthcare providers, to advocating for improved maternal mental health services – your sponsorship makes this important work possible. Join us in nurturing a compassionate ecosystem where all mothers can find the help they need to not just survive, but truly bloom during the transition to parenthood. Become a sponsor today and help us help others.

“Maternal mental health needs to be everyone’s business. If we support mothers, we are supporting the foundations of mental health for the next generation.”

Dr. Alain Gregoire

Founder and President , The Maternal Mental Health Alliance

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Your tax-deductible donation allows the Bloom Foundation to provide vital education, resources, and support for mothers and families impacted by perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Help us ensure no mother has to face the challenges of maternal mental health issues alone.

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