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Life Beyond The Frosted Glass

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I experienced life through Frosted Glass. Out of reach, just going through the motions. I made it through many of days that I thought I couldn’t. I wanted to give up the Rage, OCD, Anxiety, Obtrusive Thoughts.  I would cry – but you would never know. I was losing my mind. I had no idea who I was anymore.

I had 2 under 2. I packed and moved into a new house at 7 months pregnant with no help.  Returned to work earlier than I should have. Nobody knew what I was going through.



Because I didn’t want my kids taken from me. 

I was embarrassed that I wasn’t living in a perfect world with a newborn baby. The perfect world you see people always posting about. Families always smiling. Life is so wonderful if you saw me, you’d never see beyond my Poker Face. 

Motherhood IS tough. And you need a strong core of friends who understand what you are going through. 

It took me 10 months to find the RIGHT help. 10 months to walk into a hospital and find my tribe. The struggle of ‘Me Against Myself’ was real. 
I share only a part of my story with you to let you know that we have to end the stigma surrounding Maternal Mental Health.

We have to feel comfortable sharing our stories because this is what is helping others.  I do not want anyone to suffer the way I did. And if someone can relate to some or all of my story, then I have saved a life. 

I volunteer my time with The Bloom Foundation as a peer to peer group facilitator for moms in recovery – Embracing Your Motherhood.

If you or anyone you may know is suffering, reach out to me. Any state. Nationwide. The women behind The Bloom Foundation are angels – no judgement – our mission is to #saveallthemamas 

I have a 3yr old and 4yr old; together we are stronger and I no longer live my life through Frosted Glass

You. Are. Not. Alone. 

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Elena Juliano originally posted this on Facebook on May 1st for Maternal Mental Health Day. 

Within minutes she received this private message

I have to say I’m completely blown away by how open you are with the struggles you had.  I deal with high anxiety on a regular basis and it was very much exacerbated by the adoption of each of the children. I love my kids and would do anything for them and my anxiety is most about them. I would love to hear your story.

This woman is now attending Elena’s Support Group – Embracing Your Motherhood. 

Share your story, someone is waiting to hear.


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