Bloom Bags for Self Care


Each Bloom Bag will contain a keychain OR bracelet as part of the 5 items.  We cannot take requests for specific items at this time, however if ordering more than one Bloom Bag to the same address we will make every effort to vary the contents in each bag.

The Bloom Bags measures 8 x 6.5 inches and the “Self Love” is an example of a myriad of different sayings our bags will say.



Every Bloom Bag will contain 5 items similar to items in photos, all involving self care.  These are great gifts for a new mom who could use some pampering.

Items are specifically curated for mom’s self care. Something you can do for yourself or send to a friend.  In 2018 let’s put you in the picture.  Items that may be included but are not limited to:  candles, jewelry, essential oils, beauty products, keychains, chocolate, etc.


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