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We believe that the best way to address the issues in and surrounding Maternal Mental Health is through the power of creative collaboration.  We do this by building partnerships with non-profits, research organizations, community building groups, educational institutions, providers,and others passionate about Maternal Mental Health; to find solutions that make a difference and last.

What began as one woman’s mission to make sure no mom felt alone in this illness quickly grew into a foundation committed to decreasing the stigma, sharing knowledge, and creating a new standard of care available to all mothers to survive and thrive the most common complication of childbirth.

Together Stronger

How We Work

The Bloom Foundation’s charitable work is performed and implemented by our staff, volunteers, and partners on the ground.  Our programs include but are not limited to:

  1. Training – donations are used to provide onsite training and award scholarships
  2. Call to Action Social Media Campaigns – donations are used to raise awareness on an international level about PMADs via social media
  3. Community Events – donations are used to sponsor local events to raise awareness both in family events and in mom only events.
  4. Online Support for Survivors & Sufferers – donations are used to enable Bloom to have specific online support for our trained Peer Group Leaders, our moms currently struggling, and our moms who have healed and are supporting others now.
  5. Ongoing Community Connections – donations are used to provide a continued community for mom and baby beyond the first year.
  6. Resources – donations are used to maintain and qualify resource list

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The Bloom Foundation
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